To grow their careers, people put in a lot of time and hard work. They invest in resources that can help broaden their knowledge and sharpen their skills in their fields. From pursuing graduate education to attending training courses, they show dedication and commitment so that they can gain and develop the expertise necessary to thrive and succeed.

Unfortunately, sometimes, certain things can go wrong. Even though you try to do your best at all times, some things are just out of your control. If you are a federal employee, for example, various situations can arise and impact your benefits or rights. In these kinds of situations, you want to have a reliable advocate standing by your side. This is where a federal employment attorney can help.

Have you been a federal employee for a while now? Have there been instances when you felt like your rights are being violated? Do you know what to do if and when you find yourself in such circumstances?

What is a federal employment attorney?

A federal employment attorney is a law professional who specializes in protecting the rights of federal employees. They are educated and trained in federal employment law, so they can represent federal employees who face challenges at their jobs.

Being an employee of the federal government is vastly different from working in the private sector. You are subject to a particular set of laws and regulations that not all attorneys have the right knowledge and expertise in. But, with an experienced federal employment law attorney, you have someone with experience dealing with your unique circumstances.

What services do they offer?

Getting to where you are now in your career as a federal employee was probably not easy. That’s why you need an expert in federal employment law to fight for you if and when things go awry. If you hire a federal employment law attorney, you can expect specialized legal assistance, such as:

Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) assistance – In case you experience harassment, discrimination, or retaliation at work, you should speak with someone who is well-versed with EEOC laws so that your rights can be protected and you can help stop wrongful conduct in your federal work environment.

Federal Disability – In case you have a medical condition that makes it difficult for you to do your job, you should consult a law professional who can assist you in determining your eligibility for disability benefits. The process to apply for these benefits, which can amount to as much as several millions of dollars, can be hard and complicated, so you need an expert in federal disability law to handle it for you.

Office of Special Counsel (OSC)/Whistleblower Claims – In case you expose wrongdoings in your workplace, you want to be safe and avoid retaliation from the other party. Whether you speak up about abuse, fraud, or waste, you should be able to do so without fear or worry of losing your job. With the help of a professional in this field, you can know what to do.

Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)/Disciplinary Actions – In case you receive unfair or unlawful treatment, you can rely on an attorney specializing in federal employment law to fight for you. Demotions, unfair disciplinary actions, and wrongful terminations happen quite often, and a federal employment lawyer can help make sure that you file the necessary complaints and successfully get the issues resolved.

Disability Accommodations - In case you have a disability, you should be able to request for reasonable adjustments at work. The option to work remotely, have flexible work hours, have ramps, accessible restrooms, and parking spaces, and getting an interpreter are just a few examples of common reasonable accommodations at work. Depending on your ability level, the duties and responsibilities that your job calls for, and other factors, a federal law professional can be by your side ensuring that you are treated with respect and fairness.